About Us

SINO STARCO CHEMICAL Co.,LIMITED., was founded in 2006. The comapany is the subsidiary of United chemical & specialised in the supply of Fertilizer, Organic Fertilizer, Industrial Chemical and health products for More Than 10 Years.
 We have got the certificate of ISO9001-2000, HACCP, FAMI-QS. Accordingly,as one of the top 50 urea exporter in the country, our products have been sold to many continents of the world. Our big clients mainly locates in Europe, America and Asia. 
 In the future, Starco Chemical Co., Ltd. will keep on providing the excellent, effective and individualized service for its client all over the world.
 We will take the company's managerial tenets of "sincerity, cooperation, learning, earnest, creation, excellence" and contribute to the economic development, social progress and make our life better. We will dedicate ourselves to social progess for both China and the world.

 Our theme is "Beautify the world, benefit the people".


Core Concept
Sino starco chem has paid great attention to the molding of corporate culture. We try to manage the corporate culture in parallel with daily business operation. We have initiated the construction of corporate culture system including core value, operation principles, management philosophy and employee codes of conduct. By evolving culture of entrepreneurship, and culture of integrity, culture of efficiency, culture that puts people first, culture that emphasizes corporate citizenship, culture that advocates anti-corruption, and culture of lean management, Sinochem has sharpened its competitive edge which has facilitated the company’s strategic transformation and sustainable development.
Characteristic Culture
Culture of entrepreneurship: insist “Two Must”, prepare for danger in time of safety, never slacken efforts, and never stop self-perfection
Culture of integrity: honor the promise, abide by the laws, and be strict in disciplines
Culture of efficiency: passionately pursue high performance targets
Culture that puts people first: respect, train, and motivate employees to realize a common growth between employees and the company
Culture that emphasizes corporate citizenship: fulfill the corporate citizenship, create harmony between the stakeholders and the Nature, and give back to the society
Culture that advocates anti-corruption: abide by professional ethics, strictly self-discipline, fight against corruption, and fulfill the duty
Culture of lean management: continue innovation, keep improving, and all staff participation
Employee Codes of Conduct
The way of being a person: honest, cooperative, and open to learn
The way of doing things: diligent, innovative and pursuing excellence
Abiding by laws and regulations and the company’ Articles of Association. Being loyal to the company’s value and business; protecting the company’s interest, withholding the company’s secret, guaranteeing the information’s authenticity, keeping commitment with the clients, treating every employee impartially .
Focusing on team target and aggregate interest, supporting, leading the team to accomplish the mission with the colleagues in your team as well as other teams; implementing no-boundary management,actively searching for the problems and solving the problem,active communication,listening to various opinions, winning with the clients .
Open to Learn
Acquiring information with open mind,learning technology and capability which could enhance the company’s value, good at learning other people’s experience, learning from twist and turns and improving your work .  
Regarding the product’s quality as the company’s lifeline, setting up standardized process,strictly executing and monitoring the process to control to ever-changing environment, ensuring the work’s accuracy and quality, quick to act, optimizing the cost .
The change is the opportunity. Progressing with the passage of time, and innovate incessantly, introducing or even creating new concept, idea to interpret the environment and to solve the problem, making innovation on management approach to create management advantage .
Pursuing Excellence
Understanding and keeping in tune with the company’s strategy, setting up the working target which is consistent with the company’s strategy and challenging, working hard to fulfill the target, keep high morale for work, enhancing performance and outstripping the opponent.